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snmpconf SNMPCONF WG Summary - 49th IETF

The SNMPCONF WG met twice during the 49th IETF and made progress on a
of issues. A review of recent changes to the Policy MIB Module were
discussed with agreement that some will be carried to the
working group mailing list. A review of the difficulty in using the
MIB Module was followed by a proposal for a customized version to be
included with the Policy Module. The Best Current Practices document was
reviewed with the request that suggestions for additional material be
to the mailing list. Presentations and discussions followed on accessor
functions language and policy grouping and precedence issues.
of the DiffServ Policy and DiffServ MIB Modules and their
along with new TCs were made. The WG concluded with a brief discussion
the need for an interim meeting. This will be taken to the mail list
after a
list of 'to do' items has been published. If we are to have a meeting we
need to decide before the end of this calendar year.