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snmpconf Re: TE-MIB readonly or read/write

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Please note that there is another mib containing a superset of the contents
of draft-ietf-tewg-mib-00.txt (Kireeti's mib).  This other mib is called
draft-ietf-mpls-te-mib-05.txt and it allows management and configuration via


Rob Frye wrote:

> In today's TEWG session, Kireeti stated that SNMP is used only for
> monitoring and shouldn't (according to various ISP's) be used for
> management/configuration.  I recommend that the TE MIB be usable for
> configuration for those things that can't be configured via LSP setup
> [whether by RSVP or LDP/CR-LDP].  SNMPv3 is gaining ground in some
> areas, and it's a positive cause-and-effect spiral: the more ISPs & IT
> depts are able to use SNMPv3 for device management, the more they want
> to be able to do so uniformly, and thus drive the availability & support
> for SNMPv3 elsewhere.
> I would like the MIB to be read/write.
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