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snmpconf FW: November Milestones

The SNMPCONF WG might be interesting in this message, from one of our Area
Directors. This is part of a thread in the Traffic Engineering WG list. It
does not relate to policy (maybe), but it certainly relates to Configuration
by SNMP.



> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Randy Bush [SMTP:randy@psg.com]
> Sent:	Sun December 03 2000 7:13
> To:	Kireeti Kompella
> Cc:	te-wg@UU.NET
> Subject:	Re: November Milestones
> i am not aware of significant operators using snmp to configure routers.
> i know we don't allow snmp writes on any backbone or aggregation devices.
> any large provider here (and not some vendor saying they know 10,000,000
> providers who are beating them up to do it) care to step forward and tell
> us how they use snmp to configure?
> randy