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snmpconf New version of the DiffServ Policy MIB

Hello all,

I have just submitted a new version of the DiffServ Policy MIB to
the I-D folks.  Until it pops up in the repositories, you'll find
it at http://www.cs.utk.edu/~partain/draft-ietf-snmpconf-diffpolicy-03.txt

This version is MUCH smaller than previous versions of this MIB.
The reason is that one can now, directly in the DiffServ
MIB, create "templates" that aren't bound to a particular
interface/interface direction.  As such, it is no longer
necessary for "our" MIB to have all of the tables for creating
these templates.

Because the changes are so significant, it's not reasonable to
have a version with change bars, I'm afraid.

See you all in San Diego.


David Partain                  David.Partain@ericsson.com
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