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Agenda - Configuration Management with SNMP (snmpconf) 49th IETF

Configuration Management with SNMP (snmpconf) 

CHAIRs: Daivd Partain   David.Partain@ericsson.com
        Jon Saperia     saperia@jdscons.com

THURSDAY, December 14 at 1300-1500
FRIDAY, December 15 at 0900-1130

To ensure a successful meeting, please check the internet-drafts
directory for updates to all of the WG documents. New versions will be
posted before the meeting as follows:

       The DiffServ Policy MIB
       Policy Based Management MIB
       Configuring Networks and Devices with SNMP

Below is the proposed agenda to cover the two working group sessions
that the SNMPCONF WG is having and the next IETF in San Diego:

     - Sign-up
     - Status and Schedule
     - Note takers

Language Issues:
     - Proposal to have a string data type.
     - Within an execution environment do we need something like argv
       and argc?
     - Other proposed functions/changes.
Security Issues:
     - Dealing with SNMP actions in scripts - security parameter
       passing to the SNMP calls.
     - Mid-level manager security issues - inherited access writes -
       how do you decide which security parameters to use.

Policy Grouping for precedence:

     - Define rules - e.g., ensure that when a policy is no longer
       valid, rather than waiting for max latency, when C uncovers B,
       B executes immediately
     - Finalize objects

Do we need an accessor for CLI functions?

Notification Types for capabilities updates - desire to see new
capabilities only of types of interest. - Scope
     - By registering ones you want to see, or
     - registering ones you do not want to see

Protection from scripts running for ever - the looping question

Schedule work finalization

Discussion of the version .06 DiffServ MIB Module and how it and the
DiffServ Policy and Policy Modules work together.

BCP Discussion - changes since last draft - remaining Issues.

Closure On issues from the interim meeting.

Other issues and Closing.

If you have any potential agenda items you would like considered, please
email either David or Jon:



David Partain and Jon Saperia