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snmpconf Re: [Diffserv] Instance amplification in Diffserv MIB

on 11/14/2000 5:15 PM, Andrew Smith at andrew@allegronetworks.com wrote:

> What you are arguing here is a need for some sort of "templating" capability
> for these objects: this is something that was discussed at length in the early
> snmpconf meetings (I wasn't at the last one so I don't know if this is still a
> goal) and was being called "instance amplification". The problem, in brief was
> "how do we apply a template of values for config parameters (columns) to a
> whole collection of instances (table entries)?" and there were hopes that
> snmpconf work would produce some sort of generic solution to this problem.
> What you are describing here is a local solution for this problem for this
> particular MIB, so I would ask you and Harrie to comment on whether we are
> duplicating effort here or just moving this solution from being a snmpconf
> work item to being a part of this diffserv MIB? If the latter then that's just
> fine but we do need to check for consistency with the solutions being worked
> on in snmpconf (yes Brian, that would mean a two-way dependency between these
> work items). If the former then I think that the duplication of solutions
> would be a Bad Thing.

Andrew, this is only in response to your general questions about the
SNMPCONF work. Harrie and others have commented on some of the other
questions. Instance amplification is a primary goal of the SNMPCONF work.
The MIB Module Harrie and David Partain are working on is to apply to the
selected elements (interfaces in this case) the template of values to these
selected elements. 

There was a desire to see if some of the 'template' tables could be included
in the standard DiffServ. That is what they have been working on with Kwok.
There should not be a duplication of solutions.