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Re: snmpconf A non-trivial policyAction example

>>>>> David Partain asked:

David> Is the implication of this statement that you are expecting the
David> execution environment to send SNMP set requests to multiple
David> other devices in a mid-level manager kind of way?


>>>>> Steve Waldbusser writes:


Steve> It is the job of the execution
Steve> environment to forward a policy's management requests to the
Steve> element. When the execution environment executes a policy on a
Steve> non-local element, it sends those requests in SNMP PDUs to the
Steve> address and context which are known by the execution
Steve> environment. In other words, for this situation, whether
Steve> elements are local or non-local, the policy code is the same
Steve> (devoid of addressing information).


So your answer to David's question is: 

   Yes, the policy execution environment can act as a mid-level manager.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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