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Re: snmpconf A non-trivial policyAction example

>>>>> Glenn Waters writes:

>> I am also concerned about the error handling - what happens if
>> e.g. snmpsend(0, 5, OP_SET); fails with an SNMP error? Will the
>> policy repeat in a loop to fire this action regularily??

Glenn> Yes, and I think this is desired behavior. A policy is trying
Glenn> to enforce a certain behavior. If the enforcement fails
Glenn> temporarily I think that it should continue to try. In this
Glenn> case, the maxLatency won't be too high (maybe run once per
Glenn> hour) and the (computational/operational) cost of failing is
Glenn> low. In another circumstance where the cost of failing was
Glenn> high, we could set something in the scratchpad to disable
Glenn> enforcement on this interface.

What about broken policy code? Or a broken agent which interacts with
correct policy code? All I am saying is that there needs to be a way
to detect when things go wrong and to allow other entities to find out
what went wrong. But I will shut up on this now.


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