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Re: snmpconf BNF errors in policy MIB

on 11/07/2000 12:17 PM, Pablo Halpern at phalpern@newview.org wrote:

> First, the BNF in the document is far from complete. The text implies that
> the BNF is a subset of the language and that the rest of the language is
> supplied by the ANSI/ISO C standard. It does not make it clear exactly how
> the subset described is intended to mesh with the rest of C. Since the
> subset in question is less than 1/3 of the C standard, I suggest that we
> specify the ENTIRE language in BNF, rather than trying to describe deltas
> from the C standard. The entire C syntax is only about 10 pages of BNF, so
> our mini-C could be described in 3 or 4 pages at most. I'm willing to do
> this work, if desired. I can even run it through YACC to ensure that it is
> complete and unambiguous. (Steve Waldbusser: want to give me a crack at it?)

Hi Pablo,

I do not think I saw a reply from Steve on this one. I like your suggestion
of doing a BNF. If you can do this soon, and publish it we could talk about
it at the next IETF, the second week of December.