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Re: snmpconf A non-trivial policyAction example

>>>>> David Partain writes:

David> I just have one quick clarifying question:

David> Jürgen writes:

Thanks for the umlaut. :-)

>> The fix is flawed as well since the oid in the scratchpad does not
>> say which SNMP agent the action is executed on. If you want to use
>> the action on multiple RMON2 boxes, bad things will happen.

David> Is the implication of this statement that you are expecting the
David> execution environment to send SNMP set requests to multiple
David> other devices in a mid-level manager kind of way?

David> I see the "sets" in Steve's example as internal within a
David> device, not something that's sent to other devices.

Well, I have not been at the interim and so I am only aware of what is
in the documents. And <draft-ietf-snmpconf-pm-03.txt> says in section

:  - General SNMP Functions
:    The General SNMP functions allow nearly any legal SNMP Message to
:    be generated, including those with multiple varbinds, getNext
:    operations, notifications, and messages with explicit addressing
:    or security specifications.

To me "messages with explicit addressing or security specifications"
sounds like you are able to talk to other SNMP engines. But even if
this WG restricts itself to a single local engine, then the question
remains which context (perhaps you want to restrict yourself to a
specific context in an SNMP engine?) and which set of security
parameters you use (unless you propose to bypass VACM completely -
which I hope you do not plan to do).

I personally would like to use a policy configuration engine with
existing deployed SNMP devices and MIBs. The assumption that each 
and every device implements the policy MIB is in my view not very


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