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snmpconf Dinner and Social for SNMPConf Working Group


The engineering staff at SNMP Research and Jeff and Mary Case,
invite you to a Tennessee Barbecue on Thursday evening, Oct 26,
immediately following the SNMPConf Working Group meeting.  Transportation
will be provided.  Here's an opportunity for those of you who haven't 
been 'down on the farm' to get there!

We have been trying to keep track of how many will be attending the
meeting so that we would have plenty of donuts on hand.  If you have
not let anyone know that you plan to be in Knoxville, please let me know
so that I can count you in for food. 

Speaking of food, we have tried to be sensitive to special dietary
needs for Hongal, Dan, and others.  Let me know if you, too, have any
dietary restrictions.

There will be a couple of folks with homework assignments following
Thursday's meeting.  After dinner, you can use the facilities at SNMP
Research to do your work.

It looks like Thursday will be warm and sunny, but after the sun goes 
down, it gets a little cool.  You might want to bring a light jacket along
with you because we do plan to be outdoors.

Look forward to having you 'on the farm' Thursday evening.  Let me know if
you have any questions.

Best regards,

Terri Brogdon for Jeff Case

Terri Brogdon       SNMP Research International    Phone 1 865 579 3311
tbrogdon@snmp.com   3001 Kimberlin Heights Road    Fax   1 865 579 6565
		    Knoxville, Tennessee 37920     http://www.snmp.com