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Re: snmpconf Proposed agenda for interim meeting

Greetings Jürgen,

> >>>>> David Partain writes:
> >> FYI: We decided to work on a policy runtime system which is based
> >> on existing implemented MIBs.
> David> That's very interesting.  Perhaps you could tell us who "we"
> David> is?  Are you interested in external input to what you are
> David> doing?
> The people behind "we" are basically the guys involved in the Jasmin
> project.  Of course, we are always interested in external input -
> that is why we read this mailing list. ;-) 

Thank you for your information and the questions you raise.  I
look forward to seeing your work progress and hope it will
include an implementation of our work (for comparison, of
course ;-)) in Jasmin.


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