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snmpconf Policy configuration


I have to compare ( for my studies ) different solutions for policy
management and I have two questions for your workgroup:

1/  One of the scope of your group is to work on how to do policy
configuration and yet you just develop a MIB for policy configuration:
what about all the technical issues about SNMP ( especially those
noticed by people working on COPS)?
For example:
* should SNMP be on TCP?
* bulk transfer with SNMP?
* how to communicate from a PEP to a PDP (traps unreliable and not

Or do you think that SNMP should be used, just as it is right now, for
policy configuration?

2/ Why is it that snmpconf WG has been created after rap WG? I mean that
one of the major drawacks of COPS was that it is a new protocol so it is
quite expensive  to implement it and now that it seems that it has been
accepted by the companies you start working on another method for policy
configuration/management. Maybe there is something that I have missed?


Alexandre Gerber