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Re: snmpconf Bulk data transfer MIB?

Hi Susan,

As co-chair of the SNMPv3 WG, I can advise you that the SNMPv3 WG has
reviewed a number of proposals for Bulk Transfer, including MIBs, so
that is a good place to discuss alternatives.

The SNMPv3 working group does not plan to pursue Bulk Transfer, since
they are focused on getting SNMPv3 to standard. The Area Director has
not yet announced which working group will handle this.

I suggest you check the proceedings for the SNMPv3 WG from the last
meeting, including the presentations. That will give you a partial
overview of the field. (see www.ietf.org)

The most advanced proposals (IETF-wise) are RFC2592, RFC2512, and

RFC2592 is the DISMAN Script MIB which includes both a push approach,
which uses SNMP to transfer files, and a pull approach that allows you
to use FTP or HTTP to tranfer a file identified using SNMP. The Script
MIB has a WG that is working for its advancement.

RFCs 2512 and 2513 describe using FTP as a mechanism for tranferring
large amounts of accounting information. No WG is working to advance
this document at this time.

Hope this helps,

Susan Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> I need a protocol independent bulk data transfer MIB to use in
> transferring large data files between SNMP-managed nodes. The
> MIB would contain such information as the name, size and server
> address of the file to be transferred, whether it is being
> retrieved or transmitted, checksum information and possibly
> encryption information. Does anyone know of a MIB that has
> already been defined that fits this description?
> If there is a more appropriate working group to post this to
> please let me know that as well.
> Thanks!
> Susan Gray

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