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Re: snmpconf Reading materials for the interim meeting

Hi Jon,

  I'll send a draft out by next Wednesday, a week from today.


Jon Saperia wrote:
> I thought it would be useful to outline the document status in advance of
> our interim meeting.
>     1. Policy MIB Module - I asked Steve to post a note to the group
> indicating when the document with current revisions will be posted to this
> list and the internet-drafts people. The meeting is just 3 weeks away.
>     2. The BCP - Mike and I have done a lot on this but both feel we want to
> get more done before republishing (some of the policy discussions will
> impact it anyway). We will not publish this before the next meeting, but
> will do so in advance of the next IETF which should have most of the
> required changes.
>     3. There have been a number of messages over the past week about the
> Policy DiffServ Module. It appears as if progress is being made on the
> DiffServ MIB, but it is not clear it it will do the whole job yet for our
> policy work.  I have asked Harrie to prepare a report for us for the meeting
> so we know our status.
> /jon