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snmpconf Reading materials for the interim meeting

I thought it would be useful to outline the document status in advance of
our interim meeting.

    1. Policy MIB Module - I asked Steve to post a note to the group
indicating when the document with current revisions will be posted to this
list and the internet-drafts people. The meeting is just 3 weeks away.

    2. The BCP - Mike and I have done a lot on this but both feel we want to
get more done before republishing (some of the policy discussions will
impact it anyway). We will not publish this before the next meeting, but
will do so in advance of the next IETF which should have most of the
required changes.

    3. There have been a number of messages over the past week about the
Policy DiffServ Module. It appears as if progress is being made on the
DiffServ MIB, but it is not clear it it will do the whole job yet for our
policy work.  I have asked Harrie to prepare a report for us for the meeting
so we know our status.