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Re: snmpconf Re: Knoxville Hotel for Working Group


On Monday or Tuesday, I booked a room under the SNMP Conference at $76
with no problem.


Jon Saperia wrote:
> on 09/29/2000 5:08 PM, Terri Brogdon at tbrogdon@snmp.com wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > This is a reminder that a special rate has been arranged at the Downtown
> > Hilton in Knoxville for the SNMPCONF Working Group which is scheduled for
> > October 26-27.  To make a reservation, call toll free to 1-877-644-5866.
> > Ask for the "SNM" conference rate of $76 for a single or double room.
> I tried again to make a reservation. After some difficulty they found it
> under "SNMP Conference Working Group". So if you have difficulty with try
> this.
> Apparently the only rooms that the national reservation service knows about
> are 'accessible' rooms for the 'physically challenged'. I was told to make
> the reservation and then as Terri to see if she can fix it.
> If you have not been able to make your reservation go ahead.
> Terri please let us all know if/when the rooms have been changed.
> /jon

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