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Re: snmpconf Overhead of running SNMP

>>>>> Chee Yong Chan writes:

Chee> I would like to have an idea of the overheads incurred by
Chee> running snmp on routers; for example, how much does processing
Chee> mib queries slow down the routers?

The answer clearly depends on the design of the router and the
software running on top of it.

Routers which implement all the primary functions (such as routing ;-)
in hardware will show virtually no performance degration of the
primary function when processing SNMP requests. On the other hand,
routers that are primarily driven by software may experience some
performance hit, especially if the internal data organization requires
to do non-trivial processing in order to process an SNMP request.

In other words: It depends on how much time and money a product vendor
invests in management interfaces (and a group of smart engineers).


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