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Re: snmpconf Capabilities Question

>> The basic reason for my scepticism: Policy management per se as
>> represented by the PM MIB should be independent from domains and
>> mechanisms (as defined in the diffserv I-D).

Jon> We very much agree. The policy module is at a layer of
Jon> abstraction above the mechanism and implementation-specific
Jon> details. It is independent, that is why the mechanism specific
Jon> MIB Modules (or their equivalent objects in other MIB Modules)
Jon> must have their capabilities registered into the Policy MIB
Jon> Module. The capabilities are far from the details which are below
Jon> the level of the Policy MIB Module. To use your DiffServ example,
Jon> the base OID of the DiffServ objects is all that would be in the
Jon> capabilities table.  Enhancements or restrictions would also be
Jon> registered. This avoids the problem of the manager having to
Jon> 'poke' around the entire device for information such as does this
Jon> device support DiffServ and what are its restrictions. The
Jon> capabilities table is a list of pointers to the details, not the
Jon> details.

Yes, but it *is* domain specific knowledge. Two questions:

1. What is a `base OID' of a MIB (or of the DiffServ objects)?

2. Who or what has to register capabilities? - Is it the PM MIB sub-agent
   itself or has it to provide an interface that allows other sub-agents
   to register their capabilities?
   The latter is the only way to keep the PM MIB sub-agent independent
   from domains and mechanisms, but it is not described at all in the