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Re: snmpconf Schedule Requirements

>>>>> Thippanna Hongal writes:

Thippanna> The scheduler will operate in the startDateAndTime , and
Thippanna> endDateAndTime.  It triggers events at StartTime and at
Thippanna> EndTime as specified in the schedTimeOfDay and uses masks
Thippanna> schedMonth,schedDay, schedDayOfWeek enabling multiple
Thippanna> schedules in the selected range of Dates.  The picture
Thippanna> shown will give better picture what I have in mind.


Let me check whether I understand what you were saying. You want to
have a time interval schedule (defined by a start and an end event)
and in addition another time interval schedule which defines the
lifetime of the first time interval schedule. In other words, with RFC
2591, you would have two rows, one for the start and one for the end
event of the first time interval. You would have four additional rows
to turn the first two rows on and off (two rows to turn the other two
rows on and two rows to turn the other two rows off).

[If there were a mechanism to set multiple variables or to have
 multiple values, then it would be possible to reduce the total 
 number of rows I think.]


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