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snmpconf Schedule Requirements

hi all

Here is the list of requirement I did compile
to associate time with the policies.

Riverstone Networks Inc,. Santa Clara  CA, U.S.A
SNMP Policy Configuration Schedule Requirements.

I. Schedule policy execution based on specific start times and running
completion. (believe current Schedule MIB does this for us  )

II. Schedule policy to be active for a duration and then end based on
or action conditions or duration expiration. It is the duration
that is problematic for the Schedule MIB Module.

Here follows what we need, so that we can achieve it using and
schedule MIB..

1. The AUGMENTation required for schedule mib of rfc 2591,
     to support start and end time of day.

   Requirement a: A field which will say the start time and end time.
      The time can use HHMMSS:HHMMSS with the first part
      of time representing the start time and the last part
      representing the end time.

      1. The syntax can be HHMMSS:HHMMSS
      2. we can use the 'TIME' convention defined in rfc2445.txt
      3. TDB

      The current schedHour and schedMinute fields are  masks
      and will permit multiple hours and times and leads to
      confusion to use for this purpose.

      Field   'schedTimeOfDay' with
      syntax for string format : HHMMSS:HHMMSS

       Requirement b: A field which will specify the overall Date and
       during which the policy is valid. Its basically a
       range of calendar Date and Time

      The further details on syntax: TDB
      1.  This filed can take a syntax of
      2. we can use the 'DATE-TIME' convention defined in rfc2445.txt
      3. TDB

      Field  'schedValidDate'

      Requirement  c: A field which will distinguish the time
       specified is local time or UTC time.

      The field can take enumerated numbers  like,  localTime(1),
      Essentially I propose a field  'schedTimeType'

     Requirement d: Since we have two events, one is the start and
another is end
                        clearly specified in the schedTimeOfDay, we have
to specify
                       what is the 'schedValue' to be set during 'start'
and during 'end' times.

    schedStartValue INTEGER
    schedEndValue  INTEGER

    More Details:TDB

    Requirement e:  'schedType'  :
    We need a new schedule type :    schedType = policy(4)

     This type of schedule specifies that the schedule is of 'level
trigger' type,
     meaning it has both start time and end time, and their respective
value to

    The objects schedValue,
                       schedHour and
     are not used when the  schedType == 'policy'.

    Instead  the new objects
    are used.

    Requirement f:  schedType = policyDuration(5)

    This new type is required to schedule policies based on duration.

    The schedInterval  is the existing field in the schedule mib which
    represents the duration in seconds,

     Objects that are not used
    calendar objects:

    Object that are new and used

    This is one time operation, which starts when the policy is enabled
    and continues to be in the enabled state until the end of the
duration specified.

2.  To put everything together

     the AUGMENTed table has to have

     with additional schedType{policy(4),policy-periodic(5)},
     and more descriptions on how it works.

 3. With this proposal
    we can do a complex scheduling where we can specify the overall date
and time
    with exact TimeOfDay at which policy has to start and end. With
    masks schedMonth,schedWeekDay,schedDay for sched MIB which allows
    entries in it.

     We can do a schedule for example  : ' 7days and 4 weeks'
     Having said this, we have all the advanced features the scheduler
MIB has.

 4. This model is similar to Policy Framework Group model of
     policyTimePeriodConditionAuxClass, except for the policyDuration
type or schedule.