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Re: snmpconf Interim Meeting

Hi all,

David Harrington wrote:

> The IETF meeting in San Diego ends only six days before the
> Hanukkah/Xmas weekend. That may be a fairly heavily booked weekend for
> flights and hotels. If we are planning to have an SnmpConf Interim
> meeting following the IETF meeting, it would be very good to discuss
> that right away, so people can make early plane reservations (even
> though we don't know what hotel yet).

I don't know what the rest of the group thinks, but Jon and I
are hoping that this upcoming meeting in Knoxville will be the
last interim meeting.  As such, we haven't really talked about
the possibility of having a meeting directly after the IETF.
Do you think that we need to consider this as a group?

Even if it were necessary, I think there's going to be a great
deal of resistance to staying away even longer right before the


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