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Re: snmpconf well, back to work

>You are probably refering to pmTrackingPolicyToElementStatus and
>pmTrackingElementToPolicyStatus (since these are the only status
>objects I could find that are not RowStatus). In this case, you talk
>about the binding of policy conditions to the set of elements (or
>targets). I believe this can be handled appropriately in a pure
>language based approach as well. And even if this WG needs to
>introduce new tables to provide additional interfaces, I still believe
>that working from existing MIBs which have been specified and
>implemented is worth to be seriously considered.

i agree with your last statement

the incorporation of work from other mib documents has been considered,
is being considered, and will continue to be considered

the disman work that you are pushing for has specifically been considered

so far, a convincing case for the incorporation of that work has not happened

leveraging that work does not appear to have a good pain/gain tradeoff
but it is still being discussed actively