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snmpconf Schedule Requirements

This is a new topic to follow up on the response I made to Juergen about the
Schedule MIB Module.

The purpose of this thread is to collect requirements for policy scheduling.
I would like to keep this thread focused on: What do we need for controlling
policy in SNMP managed elements?

I see the output as one of the following:

    1. A list of requirements, and

        a. use the schedule mib module with specific modifications
        b. do not use the schedule mib module because of a list of not met
or poorly met requirements. If this is the case, then alternatives should be
suggested (e.g., somehow using ical).
        c. use the schedule mib module as is.

Hongal did a very good job at the interim meeting discussing some of his
work. We probably could start with that.

I would like to ask that we keep this thread focused in this issue and put
in other threads the issues that will come up in this discussion about what
happens when policies change etc.