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Re: Schedule MIB enhancements (Was: Re: snmpconf Interim MeetingNotes Day Two)

>>>>> Jon Saperia writes:

Jon> Folks, Randy and Juergen have a point about the disman work. When
Jon> we bring these topics up on this [snmpconf] list we should be
Jon> sure to cross post them to the disman group.

I am not really a big fan of extensive cross postings (since I happen
to be on both lists anyway). I think a few cross posts to tell people
on which list a certain issue is handled is more appropriate. 

It might be helpful if the chairs of the WGs can actually negotiate
how the WGs can best cooperate. For example, if the snmpconf folks can
formulate a clear requirement what they need from the schedule MIB,
then the disman folks may be able to provide a solution without
extensive cross postings in both WG mailing lists.


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