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snmpconf Introduction and a request


Since I'm sure that there are a fair number of people on this
mailing list who don't know me, I wanted to briefly introduce
myself as the new co-chair.

As you can see from my signature, I work for Ericsson
and specifically in the area of policy-based management.
I previously worked for SNMP Research for a number of years,
so I suppose I might be considered an "old SNMP dog".

I enter into this with some fear and trepidation, given that
this is my first task of this sort within the IETF, but I'm
sure you'll all be kind and gentle in making sure I do things
correctly :-).

I look forward to working with the group to push this work
forward.  My thanks to David Harrington for doing the job
thus far and for helping to get us a good way down the path.
I hope I can follow his good precedent.

My initial task is to try to synthesize the issues that have
been/are on the table and are either resolved or remain to be
resolved.  My model will be something along the lines of what's
been done in DISMAN and SNMPv3 in collecting and discussing
issues, since I believe that has been organizationally
effective.  This needs to happen quickly, but I don't have a
good feel for how fast this will go yet.

Finally, we as a group need to reach a decision about the
dates for the interim meeting very quickly.  As such, it's
important that, if you have a preference and have not voiced
your opinion (privately to Jon or me or publicly to the list),
please do so by the end of business on Monday.  Again, the
two possible dates are:

   Monday and Tuesday, October 16 and 17
   Thursday and Friday, October 26 and 27

In either case, it will be in Knoxville, Tennessee.


David Partain                  David.Partain@ericsson.com
Ericsson Radio Systems AB      Tel: +46 13 28 41 44
Research and Innovation        Fax: +46 13 28 75 67
P.O. Box 1248
SE-581 12  Linköping, Sweden