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Re: snmpconf Interim Meeting Dates

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 My preference is
      26 and 27 th October,

> As those of you who were at the IETF or have read the minutes know, we
> discussed having an interim meeting in October. A number of dates were
> discussed at the interim in Pittsburgh including October 12 - 13 and October
> 19 - 20.  For a number of reasons some of those dates are problematic.
> SNMP Research has generously offered to host the next interim in Knoxville,
> TN. I would like to propose one of two alternative dates:
>     October 16 and 17 (A Monday and Tuesday)
>     October 26 and 27 (A Thursday and Friday)
> Please express your preferences if you plan on attending so that we can let
> the ADs know and work on the logistics.
> Thanks very much.
> /jon


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