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Re: snmpconf New co-chair

on 09/06/2000 5:58 PM, David Harrington at dbh@enterasys.com wrote:

> Hi,
> Because of time constraints, I have decided to step down as SNMPCONF WG
> co-chair. I plan to continue to work within the WG, but do not have the
> time available to do the co-chair position justice.
> Dave Partain has volunteered to take over this position. The AD has
> approved this change.

On behalf of myself and the working group, I would like to thank David
Harrington for his efforts on our behalf to date. As many of you know, there
are countless time-consuming tasks to perform as a co-chair. He really
helped us get the ball rolling.

Thanks again for your contributions to date and for contributions yet to

I look forward to working with David Partain as co-chair.