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Re: snmpconf well, back to work


> > Of course, once you accept the idea that policy rule sets are the
> > right granularity for distribution at the policy level, you can just
> > use RFC 2592 to distribute and invoke policy rule sets.  All which is
> > left to do is to reach agreement on a policy language and we are done
> > with it.
> >
> Our execution environment is much different than that for the
> Script MIB. While the script MIB is for generic scripted
> applications, the PM MIB execution environment is purpose-built
> for processing policy expressions. 

If the Script MIB is built for generic scripts it runs also for policy
And I don`t see that they are really different.

> The script MIB also allows things we need to disallow
> - Ad-hoc invocation of expressions
> - multiple languages

Allows to include the policy language you are developing.

> - download of script by http

Could be a nice idea to download policies via http, isn`t it?

> - Trap sent on every error
> - ... (would require thorough analysis to complete this list)
> The Script MIB is a great generic scripting mechanism but it
> would be very awkward to use for our application because the
> differences are greater than the similarities.

I do not aggree with that statement.



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