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Re: snmpconf well, back to work

on 08/31/2000 1:29 PM, David Harrington at dbh@enterasys.com wrote:

> The authors' bulleted lists worked especially well for identifying
> issues to be resolved. We need to verify WG consensus on Pittsburgh
> proposed solutions for the bulleted items. Could the authors publish the
> lists again, and describe potential agreements reached in Pittsburgh,
> and identify which items still have no potential agreement after
> Pittsburgh?  
> If anybody has any topics they want on the agenda, please speak up.
> Thanks,
> dbh
> -- 
Thanks very much. At least as a place holder, for an agenda topic Mike and I
would like to go over issues with the BCP. I know Mike did get some feedback
and I have more to write before we publish in advance of the interim.



P.S. - If I remember correctly we have the ADs OK on this, just checking. I
know that Bert has been away for a while so Randy is probably backed up as