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snmpconf well, back to work

Hi all,

Now that the meeting minutes are being posted, I guess we should get
back to work. It has been a rather pleasant opportunity to relax for the
past month.

1) The next interim meeting is coming up. We need to finalize those
plans. Jeff, is SNMP Research still willing to host this in Knoxville,
as discussed in Pittsburgh? if so, can you confirm the dates, so people
can begin planning? Thanks.

2) Jon Saperia has published an individual submission that provides a
nice description of the philosophy of the SNMPCONF approach. In
Pittsburgh, we discussed adopting this document as a work item of the
working group. We need to verify consensus of the WG to adopt this work

If nobody has any strong objections before September 16, I will consider
it WG consensus that we accept the work item.

3) We need to plan the agenda for the next interim. 

The authors' bulleted lists worked especially well for identifying
issues to be resolved. We need to verify WG consensus on Pittsburgh
proposed solutions for the bulleted items. Could the authors publish the
lists again, and describe potential agreements reached in Pittsburgh,
and identify which items still have no potential agreement after

If anybody has any topics they want on the agenda, please speak up.

David Harrington            Network Management Standards Architect
dbh@enterasys.com           Office of the CTO
+1 603 337 2614 - voice     Enterasys Networks
+1 603 332 1524 - fax       Rochester NH, USA