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snmpconf Re: on "configuration"

on 08/31/2000 9:53 AM, John Schnizlein at jschnizl@cisco.com wrote:

> The Internet industry seems to use "configuration" to mean
> changable parameters, as in the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
> [RFC 2131]. The BOF announced with Policy Terminology was called
> Configuration Management (excerpt below). The WG you co-chair is
> called Configuration Management with SNMP (snmpconf).

Yes, thank you I am aware of that.
> My impression is that there is a rough consensus that we would be
> better served using this word as in the Internet context rather than
> in the "telco industry" you cite.

The reason I suggested it is that as we are all aware, the IETF has not
published much yet in this area. I have learned that the telco folks have a
lot to contribute to this discussion - though I am not a telco person. The
IETF does from time to time use terms and definitions from other
organizations (CIM comes to mind). I believe the distinction is a useful