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snmpconf on "configuration"

At 10:24 AM 08/28/2000 -0400, Jon Saperia wrote:
>... The telco industry uses configuration to refer to parameters 
>that 'are set at the factory' and are not generally changeable 
>by the customer. Provisioning refers to those parameters that 
>are customer changeable.

The Internet industry seems to use "configuration" to mean
changable parameters, as in the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
[RFC 2131]. The BOF announced with Policy Terminology was called 
Configuration Management (excerpt below). The WG you co-chair is
called Configuration Management with SNMP (snmpconf).

My impression is that there is a rough consensus that we would be
better served using this word as in the Internet context rather than
in the "telco industry" you cite.

My dictionary (American Heritage) defines provisioning as supplying
with provisions, and a provision as that which is supplied.
It defines configuration as the arrangement of the parts or elements
of something. This distinction does not reflect 'set at the factory'.


At 11:24 PM 10/27/1999 +0000, Bert Wijnen wrote:
>There will be two BOFs that may be of interest to readers of this
>mailing list.
>   Configuration Management Bof
>   Policy Terminology BOF