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Re: snmpconf Meeting minutes and slides from IETF-48

on 08/29/2000 6:39 PM, Dale Francisco at dfrancis@cisco.com wrote:

> A little late, but I've finally forwarded to the
> IETF the meeting minutes and slides from the
> Tuesday and Friday morning meetings at IETF-48.

Dale and Steve,

Thanks very much for this detailed set of notes. It will greatly help those
who were not at the meeting and focus discussion in the coming weeks.

A read of the minutes reveals that many of the issues that came up
previously were discussed at the meeting. Some were resolved while others
require additional work.

I hope that we can get additional items resolved in advance of the next
revision of our documents.

Dale has/will re-forwarded the slides and notes to the minutes@ietf.org
people for future reference. Steve Moulton sent a note the other day to the
list for the interim location until they are published via the regular IETF

> The minutes and slides from IETF48 have been placed in anonymous
> FTP at
> ftp://www.snmp.com/pub/snmpconf/ietf48

Thanks again 


P.S. - due out soon are the notes from the interim meeting that followed the