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snmpconf Policy Terminology Draft

The Policy Framework WG has created an I-D to try to disambiguate policy
terminology across all IETF Work Groups.  This draft is located at:

In creating the draft, the team tried to look across all RFCs and WGs to
gain an understanding of policy and its applicability, and consolidate
definitions.  At the Pittsburgh Policy Framework session, it was recommended
that this draft be forwarded to all work groups where it may be applicable.
(If you receive multiple copies, my apologies.)

Please look the draft over, and if you have feedback, please reply to me
and/or to the policy mail list (policy@raleigh.ibm.com).  Some questions to
be considered are ... Are there definitions that should be updated?  Are
there additional terms that should be defined?

For the current terms in the draft, please try to use these terms
consistently.  Our goal is to take this draft through the standards process
and have it serve a function similar to RFC2828.

Andrea Westerinen
Policy Terminology Draft Editor