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snmpconf Re: ipsec-cfg MIB

> Choice 3: Break Certificate into smaller chunks

It's several years old, but we did a chop-and-glue
implementation for SNA/MS Alerts that was easy to
define and implement, and has worked just fine.
The MIB modules we used are available at the
following URL, which you'll have to reassemble


The only problem we've had with this function is
explaining to people why they can't configure an
ordinary SNMP manager to do something useful with
these traps.  The reason is that once you've glued
the pieces back together at the manager, you've got
a complete SNA/MS Alert, which requires a
specialized application to understand it.  You'll
have the same problem if you glue a cert back
together, but I think that in this case people will
expect it to require a special application to
interpret the cert.

Anyway, all I wanted to focus on now was the
chopping and gluing.  Note that the way we did it
was to define a doubly indexed table with one
accessible column.


Bob Moore
IBM Networking Software