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snmpconf Re: ipsec-cfg MIB

on 08/08/2000 2:19 PM, Ricky Charlet at rcharlet@redcreek.com wrote:

> Ah ha, Now I'm getting what you are talking about.  Those 4K byte MIB
> objects are intended to hold certificates which have an undetermined
> maximum size. I think that you are proposing that overly large objects
> with unclear maximum sizes like these be downloaded to the device as a
> series of smaller blocks. I think the idea has merit. And I would be
> intersted in what folks in the SNMPCONF space have to say about a BCP
> when sending down very large objects to divices. Therefore, I am cross
> posting this to snmpconf@snmp.com

I have now caught up on this thread. Beyond IPSec MIB Module questions and a
IPSec Policy MIB Module, the question raised above is a general one. I have
copied Mike MacFaden who is my co-author on the SNMCONF BCP. This discussion
points to a deficiency in the BCP in that we do not discuss the issue of
single data elements that are potentially larger than a single PDU. We
discuss in terms of MIB design and manager/agent interactions multi-PDU
transactions - more work needs to be done here as well.

Specific suggestions for how to best deal with this with the current
architecture are welcome.