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snmpconf Re: ipsec-cfg MIB

on 08/07/2000 4:18 PM, Ricky Charlet at rcharlet@redcreek.com wrote:

> Our work will conform to the IPsec Policy Model document as it morphs
> its way toward standard (draft-ietf-ipsp-config-policy-model-01.txt). We
> will also have assistance from the SNMP-CONF folks to help us conform to
> best current practices and philosophies of SNMP-CONF. I spoke with a few
> representatives in that community and got enthusiastic response.

Hi, I have forwarded this to the SNMPCONF WG list as well since they are of
course interested.  I brought this issue up at our interim meeting this
weekend and you are correct, there are people who are very interested in
working with you on this task.

I will ask one of them to make contact.