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snmpconf diffserv-mib

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To: Kwok Ho Chan <khchan@NortelNetworks.com>
CC: Fred Baker <fred@cisco.com>, diffserv@ietf.org,
        "Chan, Kwok-Ho" <khchan@BayNetworks.COM>,
        Andrew Smith <ah_smith@pacbell.net>, snmpconf <snmpconf@snmp.com>
Subject: diffserv-mib
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Hi all,

During the SNMPCONF interim meeting on friday
I made a picture of how the structure of the

Kwok as editor of the diffserv mib and others were interested
in having the pictures. They are now available at:


Here you find 2 pictures.
	1) diffserv-mib.gif that represents the structure
	of pointers and links within the diffserv-mib.
	2) the diffpolicy-mib.gif that would represent a
	possible setup of the diff-serv mib for configuration.

With respect to the diff-policy-mib this will change a lot
especially since the indexing (which was broken) of the
diffserv-mib will be changed in the next release.

Hope this is useful for the diffserv-mib editors as well
the diff-policy-mib.

NOTE: it is possible that I made errors.

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