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snmpconf Summary of SNMPCONF Working Group Meeting

The following is the required one paragraph summary of the SNMPCONF Working
Group Meetings at the 48th IETF.

The SNMPCONF working group met twice during the week and was attended by
close to 200 people. On Tuesday there was a brief review of the agenda for
the two working group sessions as well and a reminder and discussion about
the interim meeting to be held immediately following the IETF. The rest of
the Tuesday session included a presentation on the work that we are doing
and the status of the three documents by Jon Saperia. Mike MacFaden lead a
discussion on the Best Current Practices Document and several of the
recommendations for general configuration. Jon followed with a few points on
the sections of the BCP relating to policy and management software. We began
a discussion lead by Steve Waldbusser of the items previously published to
the working group which  was continued in the Friday morning meeting.  We
reviewed issues related to the policy execution environment and the policy
expression language. Part of the time on Friday was also used to discuss
logistics for the interim meeting and talk about plans for future meetings.

David Harrington
Jon Saperia