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Re: snmpconf out-of-policy indications - NOTIFICATIONS

on 07/13/2000 12:53 AM, Steve Waldbusser at waldbusser@nextbeacon.com wrote:

>> Should we provide some mechanism for standardizing notifications
>> advising of changes to objects that have been moved "out of policy"?
>> There are two purposes - to remind the field engineer that he made a
>> temporary change that should be reset, and to notify the architect that
>> somebody changed a value that is subsequently affecting policy.
> Yes, I agree this is important. Judging by other messages, it seems that
> others feel this way as well. I view this as self-documenting
> exceptions.
> Steve

This was part of the out of policy thread that I just responded to. In this
note Steve responded to a note by Dave Harrington. The issue here is
notifications. I think we are all in agreement on the importance of
notifications. Please see the BCP document recently posted. It has a new
section on policy overrides. It mentions notifications specifically. There
is also a general section in the document on notifications, but it probably
should be expanded. The relevant section is:

> 6.7 Changes to configuration outside of the policy system
> A goal of SNMP-based policy management is to coexist with other
> forms what have historically been instance based management. The
> best example is command line interface. Here are some guidelines for
> handling these changes.
> A notification should be sent whenever an out of policy control
> change is made to an element that is under the control of policy.
> This notification should include the policy that was changed, the
> instance of the element that was changed and the object and value
> that it was changed to.