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snmpconf Agenda for SNMPCONF (SNMP Configuration) WG Meetings in Pittsburgh

Below is the proposed agenda for the SNMPCONF WG meetings to be held in

TUESDAY, August 1, 2000

  Welcome and logistics - Dave Harrington
  Overview of agendas* - Dave Harrington
  Status update on current work** - Jon Saperia
  Presentations for WG - Dave Harrington***
  BPC issues - Mike MacFaden

* The suggested reading list for all SNMPCONF WG Meetings at this IETF are:

**Presentation will be similar to one planned for O&M Open area meeting.

***A portion of this session will be reserved for anyone that requests a
brief period to make presentations on relevant topics.

FRIDAY, August 4, 2000

  Agenda Review - Dave Harrington
  Execution Environment Questions - Steve Waldbusser
* This meeting will pick up where the Tuesday meeting finishes. Most of the
proposed agenda items are from the issues lists developed in San Francisco
and published on the mailing list. These topics have occupied the
majority of mailing list activity since then. The presenters will work
through the issues lists with the headings shown in the agenda.

Below is the agenda for the interim meeting.

FRIDAY, August 4, 2000 (Interim meeting part 1)
  Interim Meeting Logistics - Dave Harrington
  Execution Environment Questions - Steve Waldbusser
  Language Related Questions - Steve Waldbusser

SATURDAY,  August 5, 2000 (Interim meeting part 2)
  Policy Processing Questions - Steve Waldbusser
  Architectural and Relationship with other Documents Questions -
  General Functional Questions - Jon Saperia
  Conflict Resolution Issues - Jon Saperia
  Close - Jon/Dave