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Re: snmpconf out-of-policy indications

David Harrington wrote:

> Any suggestions on how to provide feedback - upon request - to the field
> engineer about how many policies would be affected by changing a given
> managed object, so he could determine the scale of the potential impact
> on policy?

If you walk the pmTrackingElementToPolicyTable, you can count the number
of policies applying to an element. Just walk the subtree for the
element you are investigating.

> > Wouldn't it be good if he was encouraged to mention it
> > to the network architect? ("hey, I needed to disable the blah policy
> > on trunk 7 last night because it was interacting poorly with the
> > backup circuit").
> >
> Should we provide some mechanism for standardizing notifications
> advising of changes to objects that have been moved "out of policy"?
> There are two purposes - to remind the field engineer that he made a
> temporary change that should be reset, and to notify the architect that
> somebody changed a value that is subsequently affecting policy.

Yes, I agree this is important. Judging by other messages, it seems that
others feel this way as well. I view this as self-documenting