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Re: snmpconf General Functional Questions

on 07/06/2000 11:26 AM, Matt White at mwhite@torrentnet.com wrote:

> By "the precedence issue", I am referring to conflict resolution.  You
> mentioned above the idea of associating a priority with a policy, which
> IMHO is the right thing to do.  If we do go that route, we can look at
> manual configuration on a box as an implicit policy, the "manual policy"
> if you will.  The user can then assign whatever priority they want to
> manual policy.  This provides the flexibility to say "policy foo and bar
> do not override manual configuration, but policy baz takes precendence
> always".

Matt this is an interesting idea but seems a bit complicated to me. I think
in effect what I and others have said is that a manual change always is
highest priority and overrides other parameters - perhaps a simpler version
of what you suggest.