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Re: snmpconf General Functional Questions

"Joel M. Halpern" wrote:
> You raise the red herring of "then why reevaluate policy".  The answer is
> that there are many ways that reality can change, not just by changing an
> SNMP variable.  Some of these are equivalent to such sets (CLI is I agree
> still manual change).  But cards fail.  VCs come up.  peerings start and
> stop.  Cards get inserted and removed. These things may have effects on the
> policy decision.

But early in this discussion it was proposed that the way the policy
learns that a variable has been modified is by comparing with the policy
value and when it notices that it is different, marking it as "don't

This was so that we didn't require changes to existing SNMP

Thus the policy engine has no way to differentiate between changes due
SNMP, CLI, or simply state changes on the managed system - the net
is that any change from any source locks policy out from fixing the