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snmpconf Architectural and Relationship with other Documents Questions

I am going to forward two other notes to refresh people about the open
issues. This list has not been republished since our minutes. Two others
will follow that are in the same state. I will not reforward those that have
been extensively discussed though we should do a quick review at the working
group meeting.


Architectural and Relationship with other Documents Questions:

1. How do we expect the mechanism and implementation specific policy modules
to interact with the policy module?

2. The Policy MIB Module can manipulate any MIB object. Therefore, these MIB
modules need to create objects that can be manipulated by the Policy Module.
These need to be added to the Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module

3. Can policies cascade (nest)?  Can filters or actions cascade? Can a
policy reference another? How are policies named so they can be referenced?

4. Access control to the objects touched by the policy module need to be
specified. In short, when a policy is run, whose security credentials are

5. How do we deal with security issues when a policy includes out of box or
out of SNMP 'view' operations?

6. The policy module provides for instance expansion.  The mechanism and
implementation specific modules provide for object expansion.

7. What is the semantic method for expressing the fact that a policy has
decided that a mechanism template is to be applied to a specific set of
instances? Do we want to use language or specific MIB objects? One view is
that the semantics are in the definition of the MIB object that is in the
mechanism specific module.

8. Issues about indexing between policy module and the Diffserv MIB module
need pointers in both directions. Linkages of the differentiated services
policy MIB module to the Policy MIB Module relationship; of the DS MIB to
our work.

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