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Re: snmpconf Conflict Resolution Issues - Consensu

on 07/03/2000 9:04 AM, Wijnen, Bert (Bert) at bwijnen@lucent.com wrote:

>> All agreed?
> So this means that if a policy gets deleted from the table, then no action
> is taken, i.e. no config changes take place because of that action.
> If my understanding is correct, then we should explicitly state so in the
> DESCRIPTION clause of the table.
> Bert
Yes Bert. You understanding is consistent with mine. We should remember that
this does not obviate what Andrew Smith wrote the other week about each
level in a policy management system having responsibility for doing the
right thing. This is not new, agents have been doing this for a long time.

We need to do three things:

    1. On the next revision of the DiffServ Policy MIB Module we should add
this text where appropriate. This will be after the next IETF since we have
already published for this meeting.

    2. The Policy MIB Module has not been published. We should be able to
get that into the Policy MIB in time where it matters (seems particularly
relevant to the Policy Table. Steve can we get this in. I do not think it
affects any of the tables I wrote as drafts and published to this list the
other week (the redo of the capabilities table).

    3.  We should put this into the BCP policy section where appropriate. I
will do this as I work on that section.