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Re: snmpconf Pointers from Policy MIB -> implementation-specificMIB

on 06/29/2000 3:31 AM, David Partain at David.Partain@ericsson.com wrote:

> pmPolicyMechanismTable OBJECT-TYPE
> SYNTAX       SEQUENCE OF PmPolicyMechanismEntry
> STATUS       current
> "This table is used to show the relationships
> from policies to mechanism specific policy definitions."
> ::= { policyMgt xx }
Excellent points David. Whatever we call this table, it should reflect the
fact that this is really a Mechanism and Implementation MIB Module pointer
table. That is, some vendors will have a 'standard' mechanism specific MIB
Module and a technology specific MIB Module that contains additions or
modifications to those items found in the mechanism specific table.

This table then would support multiple entries for a single policy which is
exactly what we want.

Steve W. Can we add this along with the other items I posted?