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Re: snmpconf Interim meeting confirmation

on 06/26/2000 3:31 AM, David Partain at David.Partain@ericsson.com wrote:

> Greetings,
> It would be very useful (critical, in fact) to know if it
> is settled that there will be an interim meeting.  I need to
> purchase plane tickets and need to know that this is settled.
> Nothing against Pittsburgh, but I won't stay 'til Sunday
> if I don't have to.  Something about this all interupting
> my vacation.
> So:
> - is it settled that we'll have an "interim" meeting on Friday
> afternoon and all day Saturday?
> - is it settled that it'll be in Pittsburgh?  (I assume yes)

Yes, there is an interim meeting. The plan of record is as follows and has
been approved by the ADs.

    1. A general meeting during the IETF week for background overview etc.
    2. A second meeting (requested for Friday morning of IETF week) for an
additional working group session.
    3. Interim Meeting begins Friday afternoon after the IETF finishes -
this would be Friday August 4.
    4. We will continue the meeting on Saturday August 5. All participants
are requested to plan for a 4pm close time for the working group session. At
the previous interim meeting many people had travel reservations that
required that they leave prior to the scheduled close time of the meeting.
We are asking this time that participants try to make travel plans that
support the end time of the meeting, in this case 4PM on Saturday August 5.
    5. The plan is to have the meeting in one of the hotels that are used
for the IETF.

David Harrington is doing the logistics for this meeting - I had the
pleasure last time :-). He should be posting something soon. I have made my
hotel and airline reservations already.