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Re: snmpconf General Functional Questions

on 06/19/2000 3:07 PM, Matt White at mwhite@torrentnet.com wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Jon Saperia wrote:
>> PmRoleESEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
>> pmRoleESElement        RowPointer,
>> pmRoleESString         SnmpAdminString,
>> pmRoleESStatus         RowStatus
>> }
>> I propose that the pmRoleESStatus be the place for the dirty bit. If that is
>> not acceptable, another object in this table.
> While this would work, I think I would prefer to look at the precedence
> issue first.  We may come up with a solution to that problem that lends
> itself well to solving the manual configuration problem.  Or we may not,
> but I'd at least like to see where that goes before we lock ourselves into
> a solution to this problem.
> -Matt

can you clarify what you mean by the precedence issue please?